Cloud Security Podcast is a WEEKLY Video and Audio Podcast that brings in-depth cloud security knowledge to you from the best and brightest cloud security experts and leaders in the industry each week over our LIVE STREAMs.

We are the FIRST podcast that carved the niche for Cloud Security in late 2019. As of 2021, the large cloud service providers (Azure, Google Cloud, etc.) have all followed suit and started their own cloud security podcasts. While we recommend you listen to their podcasts as well, we’re the ONLY VENDOR NEUTRAL podcast in the space and will preserve our neutrality indefinitely.

The Cloud Security Podcast is powered by Snyk, a developer-first security company that makes it easy to find and fix security vulnerabilities in your application code, open source dependencies, containers, IaC, cloud providers, and more.

Being the first also means, continuing to keep our standard of being Vendor Neutral and making episodes for topics that you want to hear about which you usually email or DM us.

We thank you for continuing to support us and joining us each weekend for our LIVE STREAMS across Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, which routinely get over 1000+ participants!

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Ashish Rajan

The original Peacock & Ideas Man + Lord of All Things Technical

Shilpi Bhattacharjee

Head of Getting Things Done & Execution Ninja


Top Dawg and Head of “Physical” Security and Woofing

Johan Paramanathan

Johan Paramanathan

Cloud Security Podcast Contributor

Abisola (Dayspring) Johnson

Abisola (Dayspring) Johnson

Cloud Security Podcast Contributor

Kaif Ahsan

Cloud Security Podcast Contributor

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