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Dell Embraces Multi-cloud + Hackers use stolen OAuth access tokens to breach

AWS Security Hub releases 5 new controls + Latest with Spring4shell

What is Spring4shell? + Should we be concerned?

The Latest in the Okta/Lapsus$ Saga + Return of Log4J

Okta investigates claims by Digital Extortion Gang LAPSUS$

The Cyber Defense Matrix + CSA launches Zero Trust Advancement Center

Google 5.4B Mandiant Acquisition + CNCF accepts Knative – a open source Kubernetes platform

JupiterOne launches Starbase – Open Source for everyone

Snyk Acquires Fugue + Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer now detects Apache Log4j

Azure Launches Azure Payment HSM + Google Cloud releases their Threat Horizon Report

Amazon GuardDuty now protects Amazon EKS + Google Cloud has released the Virtual Machine Threat Detection tool

GCP reports 3 Vulnerabilities

McFee and FireEye join forces to form Trellix

Remote Access Trojans target Public Cloud Infrastructure

UK Financial Regulators monitoring Cloud Providers Closely

Google Acquires Siemplify + Microsoft’s Log4J update

The Latest with Log4J

The Log4j Vulnerability – Cloud Providers Respond

AWS Outage – What is impacted?

AWS re:Invent 2021 – All the Cloud Security Updates so far

GoDaddy looses 1.2 million user information

Feds go Cloud Smart + Alibaba Cloud targeted by Hackers

Microsoft extends Native CSPM to AWS

AWS Earns over 16billion this quarter

AWS lands UK Spy Agency Contract

HashiConf 2021 – The best Cloud Security Bits

Kubecon North America 2021

Google Cloud Next 21 – All the Security Updates

Google Cloud Next 21, Kubecon + VMworld

AWS Launches Cloud Control API

Foggyweb Malware, New Cloud Data Framework + OWASP Top 10

Vulnerabilities in GCP, AWS and Amazon

Oracle superior to AWS? AWS Vulnerabilities Discovered and fwd:cloudsec conference

IBM Launches Servers for Hybrid Cloud, Microsoft and Verizon bring 5G Edge Cloud Computing

Microsoft warns thousands of cloud customers of exposed databases

AWS Re:inforce CANCELLED, AWS Launches Partner Program Microsoft Protests NSA Contract

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