McFee and FireEye join forces to form Trellix

January 26, 2022
  • Early December on Cloud Security News, we shared that Symphony Technology Group had acquired McAfee for 4 Billion along with FireEye for 1.2 Billion. The merger of these two companies has now form Trellix, which aims to be a leader in extended detection and response (XDR). In their blog post Trellix shared that  “Customers can expect Trellix’s living security platform to deliver bold innovation across the XDR market.”  – “with automation, machine learning, extensible architecture, and threat intelligence.”  You can find out more about Trellix and read their blog post here and let us know if you are excited about this merger?
  • Orca Security is back in the news this week, not for their funding round or their vulnerability findings in AWS. They have made their 1st acquisition: RapidSec, an Israeli cybersecurity startup that protects web applications from client-side attacks. RapidSec’s software allows for detection of  web-application misconfigurations and deviations from best practices. Orca has indicated that it  plans to integrate these web services and API security technologies into its agentless cloud security platform. You can read more about this acquisition here.
  • It has surely been a month of cloud security startups being funded or coming out of stealth. Last week we covered Eureka Security and Permiso, for more on them listen to last week’s episode. This week we are talking about Cloud Security Firm Polar Security that has emerged from Stealth With $8.5 Million Seed Funding. They are a Tel Aviv, Israel-based cloud security company that aims to provide visibility into companies’ cloud data storage to allow security teams to secure the data and avoid compliance problems. They state and rightly so Data is no longer centralized in a single database or storage, but decentralized throughout the cloud infrastructure, regions, VPCs and services, as well as flows between workload apps. Security and compliance teams simply don’t know where their data stores are, what sensitive data is inside, and where the data can go or is going. This is where they are placing polar security and you can find out more about them here
  • We have also had announce that  it has raised a $68 million Series C round bringing their total funding to date to $118 million. Hunters share in their blog that  “Never before has it been more lucrative to be a cyber criminal” and “On the defenders’ side, we see organizations struggling to keep pace. As technology advances and more tools are being used, the attack surface grows and the number of security products used by these organizations increases.” This is where believes they can help with their Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform used by Security Operations Center (SOC) teams to detect, investigate and stop threats. You can find out more about them here

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