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Andrew Krug

Breaking and Building Serverless Application Security

Ran Ribenzaft

Challenges with Building Serverless Applications at Scale

Jon Zeolla

Security Governance and Compliance in Serverless Applications

Maximilian Burkhardt

Building Applications with Zero Trust Principles

Nathan Case

Threat Detection and Incident Response in Cloud

Chris Hughes

What is SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)?

Om Moolchandani

What is Cloud Native Application Protection (CNAPP)?

Gaurav Kumar

Implementing Cloud Security Tools the Right way

David McCaw

Data Security and it’s Challenges in Cloud

Tanya Janca

Application Security Engineer Skills

Abisola Dayspring (Day) Johnson

Threat Analyst Skills

Kaif Ahsan

From University to a Security Engineer at Atlassian

Gerald Auger

Getting an Entry Level GRC Role

Lisa Hall

From Executive Assistant to Head of Security

Zinet Kemal

Skills needed for an Associate Cloud Security Engineer

Igor Rincon and Magno Logan

Cloud Hacking eSports | Ultimate Hacking Championship

Karthik Prabhakar

Network Security in Cloud Native World

John Kinsella

Migrating from Monolith to Cloud Native

Omer Singer

What is a Security Data Lake?

Colby Funnel

Building Observability Platform for Scale

Ted Young

Cloud Native Security: OpenTelemetry & Tracing Explained

Chris Hughes & Dr. Nikki Robinson

What is Cyber Resilience in Cloud?

Ely Khan

Managing Threats in AWS using AWS Tools

Scott Piper

Cloud Security RoadMap

Patrick Pushor

Comparing Cloud Security Tools: CWPP vs CSPM vs CASB

Srinath Kuruvadi

Cloud Infrastructure Security at Scale

Chris Cochran & Ronald Eddings

Podcast Collaboration: Hacker Valley Studio

Kat Traxler

Finding Bugs in Google Cloud

Jack Rhysider

Hacker Stories from the Internet

Andy Ellis

21 yrs in Cybersecurity: Challenges THEN & NOW

Dylan Ayrey

Finding and Fixing Security Bugs in Google Cloud

Brad Geesaman

Attacking and Defending Managed Kubernetes Clusters

Dan “POP“ Papandrea

Kubernetes Runtime Threat Detection and Response – Falco, Sysdig

Magno Logan

Start here for Kubernetes Security

Mark Manning

Risk Analysis of Kubernetes Security

Madhu Akula

Kubernetes (Goat) Vulnerable by Design

Geoff Belknap


Ashwin Patil

Building Threat Detection for your Cloud Environment

Ohad Maislish

Cloud Governance using Infrastructure as Code

Kelsey Hightower

Kubernetes Security Explained for those starting today!

Yoni Leitersdorf

Getting Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security Culture right!

John Savill

Azure Security Best Practices for Cloud Architects

Barak Schoster Goihman

Infrastructure as Code Security

Toni de la Fuente


Nicholas McLaren

How to become a Cloud Security Engineer

Michael Fraser

Kubernetes Security at Scale in A CI/CD Pipeline

Ben Tomhave

Container Security for AWS

Zane Lackey

CISO Challenges in 2021

Kurt John

Cloud Security in $25 Billion dollar Company

David Lavezzo

Security Chaos Engineering Experiments for Beginners

Brianna Malcolmson

Red Team in Cloud

Matt Johnson

What is Infrastructure as Code Security?

Pawel Rzepa

Cloud Security Testing in AWS

Sriya Potham

How to become a Cloud Security Architect in 2021

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